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       Zhejiang Shengjiang Plastic Machinery Co., LTD founded in 1996 from a primary plastic machine factory, Through 30 years development on technology and market expanded, company size enlarged 10 times. The company located in Yuhuan city of Zhejiang province, which are one of the most important base of valves industry and machinery building in China. 

      “Shengjiang” as a well- known brand in the field of plastic blow molding machine, we created a lot of distinguished achievement. We are the most important supplier and service of “Wahaha “ group who is the leading beverage company in China. 2800 units of bottle blow molding machine are from “Shengjiang”. We are also the important supplier of other top detergent enterprise, like“ chuanhua”“Libai” “ Nice”“baimao ”“Tianqi”.In recent years, Shengjiang Machinery has focused on the research and development of fully electric servo medical sealing equipment, designing and building production lines for well-known enterprises in the industry such as  ......









Providing services for over 100 plastic machine equipment across the country
Zhejiang Yuhuan Shengye Plastic Machinery Factory is located in the Qinggang Economic Development Zone of Yuhuan County, Taizhou City. It is a professional equipment enterprise that produces hollow blow molding machines, extruders, and pipe drawing machines. Our company specializes in producing hollow one-time molding equipment
Widely used in plastic packaging industries such as beverages, washing, furniture, toys, automotive parts, healthcare, pesticides, etc.