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Energy saving plastic machines are recognized and welcomed by the market
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2013-05-29 | 40 Views | Share:

Polymer materials, represented by plastics, have become four basic materials alongside steel, wood, and cement. Plastic products have also been widely used in various industries of the national economy and various fields of people's lives. Luo Baihui, the head of the International Mold and Hardware Plastic Industry Supplier Association, pointed out that due to the fact that all plastic raw materials need to be processed and produced by plastic machinery and molds in order to be molded into plastic products with a wide range of applications, plastic machinery has become a major industry in aerospace, national defense, petrochemical, marine, electronics, optoelectronic communication, building materials, packaging, electrical appliances, automobiles, and transportation Important support for various industries of the national economy, such as agriculture and light industry.

In 2011, the plastic machinery industry seized the opportunity of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products becoming a hot market spot, vigorously developing and producing efficient and energy-saving plastic machinery products, effectively promoting the economic development of the industry. According to statistics, the entire industry produced over 350000 plastic machinery products throughout the year, ranking first in the world in product production for 10 consecutive years. The total output value, industrial sales value, new product output value, and export delivery value of China's plastic machinery industry have all increased by over 60% year-on-year, significantly exceeding the average year-on-year growth rate of 34% in the national machinery industry. The domestic plastic machine market consumption has also jumped from 29.2 billion yuan in 2009 to 57.9 billion yuan in 2011, a year-on-year increase of 64%; The proportion of domestic equipment has increased to 72%. Meanwhile, the sales of Dayun Plastic Machinery, an enterprise in the waste plastic recycling equipment industry, increased by more than 30% in 2011, ranking first in the industry in terms of output and sales.

In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has focused on industrial transformation and upgrading, adhering to the path of independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end development, accelerating the promotion of industry university research cooperation, and successively developing and producing a large number of efficient and energy-saving plastic machinery products. For example, the energy-saving electromagnetic heating plastic particle machine launched by Dayun Plastic Machine can achieve an energy-saving rate of 30% to 45% based on the plastic mechanical heating system, and the energy-saving effect has reached an advanced level, which is recognized and welcomed by the market.